Antonio Brasko is a globally recognized brand connoisseur, designer, artist and futurist who is best known for his Brandalism art project. He has received numerous accolades for his contribution to art, design and brand identity and has partnered with world-class brands such as adidas, Intel, Dr Martens, and Nike to innovate, design and develop new concepts and brand experiences. Brasko’s artwork as been on exhibit at various galleries across the nation and his art commissioned by the likeness of HUF, Illest, adidas, and Hypebeast. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and works from his creative studio in a secret location somewhere in Portland, Oregon.




Adidas / Reigning Champ / Jaguar / Land Rover / Color Dynamix / Nike / Norwood / Intel / Adobe / HUF / Design Factory / The Seventh Letter / Invisible Space / Ironman / Paris Saint-Germain / Rattle Can Kings / Toyo Tires / Dr. Martens / Portland Timbers / Wu Tang Clan




2017 - Solo Exhibit, Out of Sight, Invisible Space Gallery, Miami, Florida
2017 - Group Exhibit, Filter Art Pop-Up, Design Week, Portland, Oregon
2017 - Group Exhibit, Label It - Trademarks in Fashion, Mode Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium
2016 - Group Exhibit, Paris Saint-Germain Pop-Up, The Seventh Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2016 - Solo Exhibit, Reigning Champ x Portland Timbers, Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2015 - Solo Exhibit, Brandalism Spray Paint Collection, Fatlace, Los Angeles, California
2014 - Group Exhibit, Just For Kicks, Index Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2014 - Solo Exhibition, Brandalism, The Seventh Letter Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2013 - Solo Exhibition, Brandalism, Gallery 135, Portland, Oregon
2012 - Solo Exhibition, Social Analog, Backspace Gallery, Portland, Oregon




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